Services that the NAVIS Centre can provide

Throughout passed years the NAVIS Centre has been cooperating on several projects with important research institutions in Australia, Europe Japan and South East Asia and has setup important links and a network of relations with relevant officers of different Vietnamese Ministries and Institutions for which it is is frequently providing consultancy on issues related to its field of competence. At Regional level the NAVIS Centre has good links, in particular through the SCOSA (Sub-Committee on Space Technology and Applications) of the ASEAN COST (Committee Of Science and Technology) whose meetings have been constantly attended by the NAVIS management over the passed several years.

The NAVIS Centre is ready to provide collaboration and support actions to public and private institutions willing to take advantage of its expertise and network of contacts to engage actions of: technology transfer, education and training, RTD, awareness, support to public bodies.

Technology transfer
Projects and actions that the NAVIS Centre is carrying on through different funding sources are oriented to the development of products and services with practical business potential.
Within a framework of guarantees for the IPR, the Centre is ready to facilitate the transfer of the technologies it is developing to companies and industries willing to exploit them. While Vietnam is obviously the first territory for this kind of action, the Centre is indeed ready to collaborate also with industries and companies of other Regions. On top of this the Centre is willing to facilitate possible cooperation and technology transfer actions undertaken by European Institutions willing to target South East Asia.
As one of the first 50 users of the Galileo system, NAVIS has good expertise on EGNSS and is ready to support transferring this excellent technology to users in particular those in the South East Asia region.

Education and training
The NAVIS Centre is ready to organize long and short courses, seminars, workshops and conferences on GNSS and GNSS related subjects for any type of audience, from the general public to skilled technicians.
Since 2012, NAVIS has been organizing tens of international technical courses and summer schools in the field of GNSS to academia and industry people. Among those activities, the International Summer School on "Multi-GNSS Environment for Sustainable Development" organized in the framework of the G-NAVIS project in Hoi An, from 9 to 13 September 2013 can be considered as a good model for a successful training activities with the participation of lectures and students from 13 countries. In addition, NAVIS experts are also lecturing GNSS courses for PhD/MSc/Engineer programs at HUST. Most of the programs are taught in English.

The NAVIS Centre is ready to carry on RTD projects on GNSS and its applications both individually as well as a member of a larger team of institutions/companies.
Projects could be both at pre-competitive and competitive level. They could be more research oriented or more product and market oriented (such as tests of equipment in real environment, test beds, data collections, pilot experiments, etc.).
The NAVIS Centre can provide access to its facilities. Thanks to its location, the Centre enjoys a very active ionosphere and a multi-GNSS environment that can be of particular interest in several cases.
The NAVIS Centre has developed its own software receiver (NAVISoft) that can be utilized and customized to fulfil the requirements of new RTD investigations, and a low-cost precise positioning system (NAVISa) that can be used for testing different applications.
Through its network of relations the NAVIS can also facilitate the search of RTD partners in the Region and in particular in Vietnam and can seek due ministerial support for possible tests and studies conducted in the real Vietnamese environment for which the collaboration with public authorities is essential.

The NAVIS Centre can organize awareness events to promote GNSS technology and EGNSS technology in particular. Events could target any audience. The good links that the NAVIS Centre has established with several relevant Ministries and governmental Institutions make it possible also to organize awareness events for decision makers and policy makers.
Since 2012, the NAVIS has been organizing several conferences, workshops, and seminars at national and international level on GNSS, as can be seen in the news/event section.

Support to public bodies
As already pointed out, the NAVIS Centre has established good links with different officers of Ministries and governmental Institutions relevant to the GNSS field. On one side this allows the NAVIS Centre to provide consultancy to some Vietnamese authorities, on the other side it makes also possible for the NAVIS to conduct bridging actions, in the field of GNSS, between Vietnamese authorities and companies and/or institutions of other Regions and of Europe in particular.
In Vietnam, NAVIS has been actively supporting governmental organizations in their management activities and policy-making processes on GNSS. Providing surveys and consultancy NAVIS has been closely cooperating with the Ministry of Information and Communication – the organization responsible for regulating the use of GNSS in Vietnam – to shape the first actions for the definition of the GNSS policy. The NAVIS Centre has been also cooperating with the Ministry of Transport in the preparation of the National Decree on standards for in-vehicle GNSS black boxes (that must compulsory be installed in several vehicle categories in Vietnam) and on the road-map for their deployment (Decree 86/2014).

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