The Collaboration Centre is organised in Sections, each one with a specific area of activity. The governing Bodies of the Collaboration Centre consist of:

Board of Supporting Institutions: The Board of Supporting Institutions is constituted by one Representative for each Supporting Institution. Meetings of the Board are regularly held on a six-month basis. The duties of the Board are (i) to be involved in the appointments of the Director, Vice-Directors, members of the Scientific Committee; (ii) to approve the financial matters and the annual report of the Centre; and (iii) to approve new possible Supporting Institutions.

Executive Committee: the Director and the international Co-Director constitute the Committee.  They are appointed by the President of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The duties of the Executive Committee are (i) to manage all activities of the Centre; (ii) to manage and supervise all the Sections inside the Centre; (iii) to prepare annual reports and plans of the Centre.

Scientific Committee:The Scientific Committee is constituted by a maximum of 15 members. The members of the Scientific Committee are appointed by the Board of Supporting Institutions for a period of three years and can be reappointed. The Scientific Committee gives scientific advice and directions for the activities of the Collaboration Centre. The Scientific Committee examines the Scientific Report prepared by the Executive Committee and approves it.

At this moment, the members of the Board of the Supporting Institutions constitute the Scientific Committee.

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