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On August 31st 2011, Navis submitted the application to Japan Aerospace Exporation Agency - Jaxa for a Multi-GNSS monitoring site. After receiving the call of Jaxa from one of the supporting institutions, Navis had carefully deployed all the necessary steps to fulfill the requirements of the call. The application received the strong supports from all the supporting institutions of Navis, especially the Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The proposed antenna location is the highest peak of the 11-floor Ta Quang Buu library building (see the picture), and the proposed receiver room is located in the 9th floor. Navis Centre is at the 6th floor of the same building.

On August 31st 2011, the staffs and students of Navis Centre have submitted the application to becoming a Multi-GNSS monitoring site of Jaxa (Japan Aerospace Exporation Agency). After receiving the call of Jaxa from one of the supporting institutions, the exclusive committee has assigned Dr. TA Hai Tung as the leader to obtain the required GNSS data and create this application documents. During the period from August 22th to August 31st, Dr. TA with the staffs and students have completed the indispensable job and submitted the application documents before the deadline.

Navis at IEEE ATC 2011 and REV/ComNaVi-11 Print Email

On August 2-4 2011, Navis staff attended "The 2011 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (IEEE ATC 2011)" and "Workshop on Communications and Navigations for the Development of Vietnam's Marine Economy  (REV/ComNaVi-11)". Both events were held at Danang University of Technology (Danang city, Vietnam) by The Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam (REV).

Navis staff presented 1 paper at IEEE ATC 2011, namely:

  • Tung Hai Ta, Ngo Hong Son, "A Novel Signal Acquisition Method for GPS Dual-Frequency L1 C/A and L2C Receivers", presented by Dr. Tung Hai TA

and 3 papers at REV/ComNaVI-11, namely:

  1. Ha Duyen Trung and Nguyen Van Duc, "An analysis of MIMO-OFDM for underwater communications"
  2. Đỗ Thị Ngân, Nguyễn Thị Hà, Hà Duyên Trung, và Nguyễn Văn Đức, "Phân tích đặc tính kênh truyền dưới nước" (in Vietnamese)
  3. Hà Duyên Trung và Nguyễn Văn Đức, "Kỹ thuật điều chế và mã sửa lỗi trong kênh truyền sóng âm dưới nước" (in Vietnamese)

all presented by Dr. Ha Duyen Trung.

During these events, Navis staff had many valuable discussions with experts, researchers as well as officers from many countries, especially with those who share interests in the navigation field. Some discussions promise future collaborations.

Navis overcomes technical round of MOET's project proposal Print Email

On July 12 2011, Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) organized a technical meeting to evaluate the project proposal of Navis, namely: “Research and Development of Multi-GNSS Software Receiver”. This is a bilateral project with involved partners being Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Politecnico di Torino. Navis is the coordinator of the project. The foreseen period of the project is Jan 2012 to Dec 2013.

The evaluation committee included experts from Ministry of Science and Technology, Institute of Electronics (Ministry of Defense) and Hanoi National University. There were also Director of Department of Science and Technology (DoST - MOET), Vice Director of DoST (HUST) as well as all members of Navis.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Chien introduced the general research program of Navis in the field of satellite navigation. After that Dr. Tung presented the technical aspects of the project proposal to the committee.

The discussion then between the committee and Navis was very thorough. With the carefulness of preparation, Navis was successful to convince the committee about the significance and the innovation aspects of the proposal. From the conclusion remarks, the committee stated that the proposal is very attractive since it is the first proposal dealing with fully GNSS software receivers in Vietnam and more importantly because the resulting receiver can operate with multi GNSS systems. Finally, the committee approved the technical aspects of the proposal. Navis is now waiting for the financial negotiation with MOET.

Congratulations to Navis!!!

Seminar on Precise Positioning at Navis Print Email

On May 6th 2011, Mr. DAO Vu Hiep - a MSc student cum staff of Navis - presented a seminar on "Precise Positioning and Open Source Tool GLAB". The seminar aimed at introducing precise positioning techniques using carrier phase and the open source tool GLAB. The seminar attracted over 40 participants, who are researchers from SoICT, SET (HUST),  Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (University of Engineering and Technology - Hanoi National University) and Institute of Measuring and Mapping Science (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment); staff, graduate and undergraduate students of Navis. There were many interesting discussions during the seminar. Thank you and congratulations to Mr. DAO.

Seminar on Software Receiver at Navis Print Email

On April 19th 2011, Navis organized a seminar on "Software Receiver Design for Modern Global Navigation Satellite Systems" presented by Dr. TA Hai Tung, who has just returned HUST after a long period doing research abroad in Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and University of New South Wales (Australia). The content of the seminar included fundamentals of GNSS technology, updated information of modern GNSSes and software receivers approach for multi-GNSS receivers. There were 52 participants from SoICT, SET (HUST), Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (University of Engineering and Technology, Hanoi National University). The seminar was successful with many interesting discussions which could pave the way for future collaboration in the field of GNSS, especially GNSS signal processing. Thank you Dr. TA for his enthusiasm in organizing such an interesting seminar!

The presentation in Vietnamese can be downloaded here.

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