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Navis people at SEA-EU-NET Stakeholders Conference

Participants of the Conference (Prof. Gabriella Povero is the leftmost of the seating row; and Dr. Ta Hai Tung is just behind her)

On November 15-16, 2011, Prof. Gabriella Povero and Dr. Ta Hai Tung attended the 4th SEA-EU-NET Stakeholders Conference entitled: ASEAN-EU YEAR OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION 2012 (Research & Innovation Potentials for closer ASEAN-EU Cooperation), in Melia hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam. This event is organized by the SEA-EU-NET project, which was launched in 2008 and set to run until December 2012. The project has 22 partner organizations across Europe and Southeast Asia. Already, SEA-EU-NET has made inroads into delivering a closer Europe-Southeast Asia partnership, especially in framework of the European Commission's Seventh Framework programme (FP7), the EC’s €53 billion programme for funding research.

The Conference was highlighted by the official launch of the ASEAN-EU Year of Science, Technology and Innovation 2012, an initiative to foster bi-regional STI cooperation comprehensively. In the Conference, policy makers, experts and researchers from both ASEAN and EU regions shared knowledge, view point, research projects results, etc. that facilitate closer cooperation between SEA and EU in science and technology. Especially, there were three thematic sessions focused on: EU Ecological Footprint in SEA; Green/Sustainable cities; and Water management/Water security.

It should be stressed that Navis people has coordinated two projects, namely JEAGAL and SEAGAL, among 150 joint ASEAN/EU projects so far. Moreover, Growing Navis, another EU FP7 funded project, has been approved and the project kick-off meeting is scheduled in Turin, Italy, in March 2012. Growing Navis, which could be consider as the next step of SEAGAL, has partners from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Spain, France, Germany and Italy  and aims to develop Navis Centre in all of its activities.

First two Galileo satellites are launched today Print Email

Europe is finally set to begin the rollout of its long-awaited satellite navigation system, Galileo.

The Soyuz rocket stands ready on its new launch pad in Sinnamary, French Guiana

Today (Oct 20th 2011), the first two Galileo satellites will ride to orbit atop a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana. The pair incorporate next-generation technologies that should deliver more precise timing and location data than the current American GPS network. A further 28 satellites will be needed to complete its orbiting constellation. So far, the European Commission (EC), which initiated the project, has purchased only 18 satellites. These will fly between now and early 2015.

Lift-off for the Soyuz is timed for 07:34 local time (10:34 GMT; 11:34 BST). (Watch online)

(Full news at:

UN/Vietnam Workshop visits HUST and Navis Print Email

Delegation of UN/Vietnam Workshop visits HUST and Navis

On October 13th 2011, the delegation of UN/Vietnam Workshop "Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits" visited Hanoi University of Science and Technlogy and the Navis Centre. The delegation included 50 policy makers, experts and researchers from 23 countries all over the world.

UN Delegation at HUST

At the reception, HUST’s Vice President, Prof. Ha Duyen Tu, welcomed the delegation to visit HUST. On behalf of the workshop, Prof. Doan Minh Chung - Director of Space Technology Institute, Vietnam Academic of Science and Technology -; and Prof. Hans Haubold - United Nations Office for Outer space Affairs (UNOOSA), chair of the workshop - thanked HUST for the warmly welcome.

Prof. Ha Duyen Tu, HUST's Vice-President

Prof. Hans Haubold, Chair of the Workshop

Dr Khanh introduces HUST

Dr. Nguyen Phu Khanh, vice-director of the Department of International Relations - HUST, was introducing HUST to the delegation.

On behalf of Navis, Dr. Tung Hai Ta introduced the structure as well as all the activities of the Centre (download the presentation).

Dr Tung introduces Navis

Dr. Tung was presenting Navis

After the reception, the delegation visited Navis Centre at Ta Quang Buu Library building. The delegation was impressed with the achievements of Navis after one year of establishment. There were many discussions among people of Navis and the workshop, which promise future cooperation in the field of GNSS.

Navis at SoICT 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam Print Email

Navis at SoICT 2011

On 13-14 October, 2011, Navis attended “The 2nd International Symposium on Information and Communication Technlogies – SoICT 2011” at Hanoi University of Science and Technlogy (HUST), Vietnam. This conference was co-organized by ACM Vietnam Chapter and School of Information and Communication Technology (HUST). Navis people were actively involved in the organization of SoICT 2011. Dr. Tung Hai TA was co-organizing chair, Prof. Gabriella Povero was invited speaker. There were 3 presentations from Navis in SoICT 2011:

  1. Prof. Gabriella Povero: “Multi-GNSS environment: present and future opportunities for South-East Asia”
  2. Dr. Tung Hai TA: “A Novel Method for Estimating Residual Carrier Frequency Offset in GPS L2C Receivers”
  3. Dr. Son Hong NGO et al: “Dynamic connection provisioning with signal quality guaranteed in all-optical networks”

In addition, in the Short Paper Track of SoICT 2011 dedicated to research students and young researchers, Navis people also presented 6 articles:

  1. Eng. Dao Vu Hiep et al: “A Review of High accuracy GPS Positioning Techniques”
  2. Dr. Tung Hai TA et al: “Hybrid Acquisition Method for GPS Software Receivers”

4 other articles are related to the previous works of Dr. Son Hong NGO on computer networks and data communications.

Prof. Gabriella at SoICT 2011

SoICT 2011 thanks Prof. Gabriella Povero for her contribution to the Conference

(photo courtesy of PhuongNH - SoICT)

Navis at United Nations / Vietnam Workshop Print Email

Navis at UN/Vietnam Workshop on "Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits"

Navis People at UN/Vietnam Workshop

Navis people at the workshop
(from left to right: MSc. Han Trong Thanh, Dr. Tung Hai TA, Prof. Gabriella Povero, Ms. Ebru Alarslan (Turkey) - chair of the session)

From 10-14 October 2011, Navis attended the UN/Vietnam Workshop on "Space Technology Applications for Socio-Economic Benefits" in Hanoi, Vietnam. This workshop was hosted by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST); and co-organized by United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), European Space Agency (ESA), the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of USA. There were more than 60 participants from 23 countries.

In "Session 5: GNSS Applications, GIS and Satellite Communication" (12/10/2011), on behalf of Navis, Prof. Gabriella Povero and Dr. Tung Hai TA gave a presentation named "The NAVIS Centre: a link between South East Asia and Europe in the field of GNSS". The presentation received the great attention from audiences. Many questions about the Centre as well as its newest projects, namely: G-Navis; and Motorbike Tracking System, were discussed.

After the presentation, Prof. Gabriella Povero also served as the rapporter of "Session 6: Earth Observation And Health".

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