Staff of NAVIS Centre participated in the 11th MGA Conference in the framework of the BELS+ Project Print Email

From 27th to 29th August Prof. Vinh La The and Prof. Gustavo Belforte, co-directors of the NAIVS Centre, participated with Prof. Ta Hai Tung, Dean of the School of ICT at HUST and coordinator of the HUST team in the BELS+ Project, to the 11th MGA Conference. At the conference participated also Mr. Augusto Gonzales, Advisor of EU Satellite Navigation Programmes, DG GROW, European Commission and Mr. Frédéric Domps, Senior Policy Officer, Galileo and EGNOS - Appication, Security, International Cooperation Unit, DG GROW, European Commission. With them the team of the NAVIS Centre, together with Ms. Gabriella Povero of BELS+, had a fruitful meeting presenting the activities of the NAVIS and the support it can provide to facilitate connections between EU officers and Vietnamese authorities and public GNSS stakeholders.

The conference was held in conjunction with the Thailand Space Week 2019. The BELS+ Project had a booth together with NECTEC, the Thai partner of the project. This gave the opportunity to put on show the activities of BELS+ as well as presenting the Galileo Demo Centre at NAVIS and the European GNSS solutions which are on show in it. In particular, representatives of Bluecover, a Portuguese company supported by BELS+, had also the opportunity to show their solutions in the booth. 


 Mr. Augusto Gonzales, Advisor of EU Satellite Navigation Programmes, DG GROW, European Commission while delivering his keynote speach



Professor Ta Hai Tung, Co-Chair of the MGA association addressing the audience at the MGA Conference


MGA2Mr. Nuno Duro, managing director and Consultant at Bluecover Technologies Lda, at the BELS+ booth is presenting the solutions of his company

Visit of the CEO of SpaceEXE at the NAVIS Centre Print Email

On 22nd and 23rd July the CEO of SpaceEXE, Dr. Mirko Antonini, visited the NAVIS Centre to install in the Galileo Demo Centre the GNSS based monitoring solution developed by SpaceEXE. This visit was conducted in the framework of the activities promoted by the BELS+ project ( With the monitoring system of SpaceEXE it is possible to record small displacements so that it allows to monitor structures (like bridges, high rising buildings, etc.) as well as land slides and other similar geodetic movements. The system, besides providing excellent sensitivity, has a competitive cost in comparison with that of similar equipment. Interested potential users are invited to visit the Galileo Demo Centre to get more information and more insight on the system features.

 spacexe2  spacexe1

Representatives of Amigo visit the Galileo Demo Centre Print Email

On 21tst August 2019 Mr. Dinh Hoang Diep and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hoai Viet of Amigo visited the NAVIS. Scope of the visit was to discuss with NAVIS representatives the possibility of conducting, in the premises of HUST and with the collaboration of NAVIS staff, a workshop to promote the equipment produced by Spirent that Amigo is selling in Vietnam. The workshop, intended for the customer of Amigo, should be conducted in the first half of September and should include also a visit to the Galileo Demo Centre in which some products of Spirent are on show. During their visit Mr. Dinh Hoang Diep and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hoai Viet spent some time in the Galileo Demo Centre to learn more about the different products that are on show.


Journalists of the Hà Nội Mới journal (Hanoi News) visit the NAVIS Demo Centre Print Email

In the afternoon 13th August 2019, two journalists of the Hà Nội Mới journal ( came to visit the NAVIS Centre to gather information about the technological solutions that are under investigation at the NAVIS Centre in order contribute to the needs of the Vietnamese society. In particular their attention, triggered by a recent incident, was focused on possible aids for monitoring pupils during their transfer on school busses from home to school, certifying their safe delivery. Besides getting information on RTD activities at the NAVIS, the journalists had the opportunity to visit the Galileo Demo Centre getting an overview on the GNSS based solutions and equipment, developed by European companies, which are currently on show at the Galileo Demo Centre. The visit gave also the opportunity to explain the advantages of using multiple GNSS constellation and in particular Galileo.


Representative of TeroMovigo visits the Galileo Demo Centre at the NAVIS to deliver to the Center the solutions of his company Print Email

On 18th July 2019, the Representative of TeroMovigo, a company from Portugal that developed different web-based solutions for GNSS related applications, visited the NAVIS Centre to bring to the Galileo Demo Centre all the relevant information about the solutions produced by the company. This to make it possible for the NAVIS staff to advertise and promote the solutions of TeroMovigo to local GNSS stakeholder that could be interested in them.

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