Dessi Marlia from LAPAN (Indonesia) and Beihang University (China) starts a two-month research visit to NAVIS Centre Print Email

On 2nd November 2019, Dessi Marlia arrived to the international research collaboration center (NAVIS) from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) to perform a two month research under supervision of Prof. Dr. La The Vinh, director NAVIS and Dr. Adrià Rovira Garcia, from the research group of Astronomy and GEomatics (gAGE), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain.

Dessi Marlia is second year Ph. D student, Doctoral of Space Technology and Application (DOCSTA) at School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Department of communication and information system, Beihang University (BUAA), Beijing China. She is Postgraduate international student from Indonesia. She was awarded with the Chinese Scholarship Government Council (CSC) and RCSSTEAP from 2018 to 2022 to pursue a Doctoral Program inBUAA.

Dessi previously received a CSC award for her program Master of Space Technology and Application (MASTA) In 2015 - 2017 at Beihang University (BUAA), with major study of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and currently she is a scientist of ionosphere, GNSS and forecaster of Space Weather Information and Forecast Services (SWIFtS) at Space Science Center, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia. She was involved in several research program in LAPAN with research topics related to Ionosphere, GNSS and Space Weather as well since 2009 until present.

Dessi Marlia's research interest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Technology and application, Space Science, Ionosphere irregularities and physics, Ionosphere monitoring and modelling and Space Weather. Her Ph.D. research plan focuses on GNSS software design, development, implementation and improvement of real time ionospheric prediction using ionosphere model, empirical model of ionosphere and other GNSS data observation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. La The Vinh, Director of NAVIS Centre welcomes Dessi Marlia to the NAVIS Centre to perform a two month research visit under the supervision of Dr. Adria Rovira Garcia, from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry visits the NAVIS Centre Print Email

On 4th November 2019 a group of representatives of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry visited the NAVIS Centre to learn more about the research activities carried on at the NAVIS and to visit the Galileo Demo Centre. The Director, Professor La The Vinh, had the opportunity to show to the visitors the different equipments and solutions on show in the Demo Centre.



NhandanTV visits the NAVIS Centre to interview the Director, Professor Vinh La The, on technological solutions developed at NAVIS to monitor school busses to ensure safe delivery of pupils Print Email

On 12th September 2019 a troupe of NhandanTV visited the NAVIS Centre to interview the Director, Professor La The Vinh, on technological solutions recently developed at NAVIS to monitor school busses to ensure timely transport and safe delivery of pupils. The attention of the society and of the media for this issue increased dramatically after a recent incident. The interview was conducted in the Galileo Demo Centre so that, beside presenting the innovative solutions developed by the NAVIS team that are already in use in some schools, the Galileo Demo Centre could also be advertised to the media.


Workshop on Spirent technologies organized at HUST with the support of the NAVIS staff Print Email

On 10th September 2019 a workshop intended for representatives of different Vietnamese companies interested in products and technological solutions of Spirent was organized by Amigo and Spirent in the premises of HUST with the consistent support of NAVIS personnel. About twenty people from LG, Vinsmart, Viettel, Amigo, Tektronix attended the event. Besides updating the audience on different hot issues relevant to the use of GNSS technology in equipment and applications, the workshop provided information about the technological solutions made available by Spirent to facilitate smooth productivity. The workshop offered also the opportunity to the Director of the NAVIS, Prof. Vinh La The, to present the Galileo Demo Centre that has been setup in the framework of the BELS+ Project. A visit to the Demo Centre was also part of the event.




Representatives of Bluecover visit the Galileo Demo Centre at the NAVIS on 2nd September to deliver the solutions of their company Print Email

On 2nd September 2019, the Managing Director, Mr. Nuno Duro, and Mr. Afonso Toscano of Bluecover visited the NAVIS Centre to bring the products and solutions of their company to the Galileo Demo Centre to be on show for GNSS stakeholders in the region. The visit of Mr. Duro and Mr. Toscano was organized in conjunction with the 11th MGA Conference so that the representatives of Bluecover had also the opportunity to present the products of the company at the conference in Bangkok.


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