G-NAVIS kick-off meeting
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Members of the Growing NAVIS kick-off meeting

From March 21st to 23rd, the kick-off meeting of Growing NAVIS (G-NAVIS) was held in Torino, Italy. The meeting had the presence of the representatives of 10 partners of the project from Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam; as well as the representative of European GNSS Agency (GSA), Ms. Justyna Redelkiewicz Musial, and the external expert of the project, Mr. Roger Torrenti (France). The purpose of the meeting is (1) to provide all the project members with the overview information and rules of the EU-FP7 program; (2) to discuss the deployment plan of all the work packages of the project; and (3) to define the communication mechanism among the partners. It must be stressed that G-NAVIS aims to develop the NAVIS Centre in all of its activities (i.e. research and technology transfer, education, training, awareness and supports to public bodies). With such an important role in the project, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, represented by Mr. Hoang Xuan Lan; and NAVIS Centre, represented by the co-directors: Prof. Gustavo Belforte and Dr. TA Hai Tung, actively contributed to all the discussions; and also organized many other valuable meetings with the project partners to find possibilities for future co-operations.

More details of G-NAVIS project can be found on: http://navis.hut.edu.vn/index.php/news-events/89-opportunity-to-grow-with-growing-navis-project

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