NAVIS is accepted to host a JAXA Multi-GNSS monitoring site
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On 12/12/2011, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that the application of NAVIS for “JAXA’s Hosting sites for Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network (MGM-net)” had been accepted. So NAVIS is going to host one of the first 20 sites (the core of MGM-net) in the Asian Pacific region. JAXA intends to expand the network to the global level with 60 sites by the end of 2013. The MGM-net aims at:

  • Improving Precise Orbit Determination (POD) accuracy, i.e. orbit and clock offset estimation for the Quasi Zenith Satellite System (QZSS), the Japanese Satellite Based Augmentation System for GPS; contributing to the accuracy improvement for Precise Point Positioning (PPP) applications.
  • Extending current POD function for GPS/QZSS to also include multiple GNSS constellations, and to generate error correction and integrity information which can be broadcast from QZSS to support the multi-GNSS demonstration campaign.

The installation of the site at NAVIS is foreseen to be completed within February 2012. This application success can be considered as an achievement, which could pave the way for cooperation activities among Japanese as well as other partners of MGM-Net and NAVIS Centre in the GNSS field.

Congratulation to NAVIS!!!

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