Navis at SoICT 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Navis at SoICT 2011

On 13-14 October, 2011, Navis attended “The 2nd International Symposium on Information and Communication Technlogies – SoICT 2011” at Hanoi University of Science and Technlogy (HUST), Vietnam. This conference was co-organized by ACM Vietnam Chapter and School of Information and Communication Technology (HUST). Navis people were actively involved in the organization of SoICT 2011. Dr. Tung Hai TA was co-organizing chair, Prof. Gabriella Povero was invited speaker. There were 3 presentations from Navis in SoICT 2011:

  1. Prof. Gabriella Povero: “Multi-GNSS environment: present and future opportunities for South-East Asia”
  2. Dr. Tung Hai TA: “A Novel Method for Estimating Residual Carrier Frequency Offset in GPS L2C Receivers”
  3. Dr. Son Hong NGO et al: “Dynamic connection provisioning with signal quality guaranteed in all-optical networks”

In addition, in the Short Paper Track of SoICT 2011 dedicated to research students and young researchers, Navis people also presented 6 articles:

  1. Eng. Dao Vu Hiep et al: “A Review of High accuracy GPS Positioning Techniques”
  2. Dr. Tung Hai TA et al: “Hybrid Acquisition Method for GPS Software Receivers”

4 other articles are related to the previous works of Dr. Son Hong NGO on computer networks and data communications.

Prof. Gabriella at SoICT 2011

SoICT 2011 thanks Prof. Gabriella Povero for her contribution to the Conference

(photo courtesy of PhuongNH - SoICT)

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