Navis at IEEE ATC 2011 and REV/ComNaVi-11
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On August 2-4 2011, Navis staff attended "The 2011 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (IEEE ATC 2011)" and "Workshop on Communications and Navigations for the Development of Vietnam's Marine Economy  (REV/ComNaVi-11)". Both events were held at Danang University of Technology (Danang city, Vietnam) by The Radio and Electronics Association of Vietnam (REV).

Navis staff presented 1 paper at IEEE ATC 2011, namely:

  • Tung Hai Ta, Ngo Hong Son, "A Novel Signal Acquisition Method for GPS Dual-Frequency L1 C/A and L2C Receivers", presented by Dr. Tung Hai TA

and 3 papers at REV/ComNaVI-11, namely:

  1. Ha Duyen Trung and Nguyen Van Duc, "An analysis of MIMO-OFDM for underwater communications"
  2. Đỗ Thị Ngân, Nguyễn Thị Hà, Hà Duyên Trung, và Nguyễn Văn Đức, "Phân tích đặc tính kênh truyền dưới nước" (in Vietnamese)
  3. Hà Duyên Trung và Nguyễn Văn Đức, "Kỹ thuật điều chế và mã sửa lỗi trong kênh truyền sóng âm dưới nước" (in Vietnamese)

all presented by Dr. Ha Duyen Trung.

During these events, Navis staff had many valuable discussions with experts, researchers as well as officers from many countries, especially with those who share interests in the navigation field. Some discussions promise future collaborations.

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