NAVIS won the Vietnam Talent Award
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NAVIS Centre was announced to be the first prize winner at the Vietnam Talent Award 2015, on Friday, November 20.

Vietnam Talent Award is an annual competition for successful and promising scientific discoveries, new products and new technology in Vietnam. The Award aims at four fields: Information Technology, Applied Science, Medical, and Environment. NAVIS Centre entered the competition in the field of IT, proving to have developed the most potential product. The award-wining product, NAVISTAR System, is fully developed by the young and potential research team of NAVIS Centre, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

NAVISTAR System is a GPS/GNSS solution for high-accuracy, high-security applications. NAVISTAR consists of several subsystems developed by NAVIS in recent years, such as the high-accuracy NAVISA receiver, the mini CORS network NAVINET, and the processing software package NAVISAP for servers, PCs and mobile devices. NAVISTAR can monitor, provide correction data as well as alert on signal quality, thus complements high-accuracy positioning techniques like RTK, PPP, post-processing to bring about better performance, reliability and security.

"It is a real challenge to achieve a product that fulfills the expectation and deserves the title of the Award", said Prof. Ta Hai Tung, Director of NAVIS Centre, "With the reputation of the Award, we hope to bring our achievement today closer to the society. For us, the Award is not simply a goal, but also a good launch to bring our product to the market, to receive more feedback from the society so that we can thrive to be better".

The achievement of NAVIS is also notable due to the fact that, the Vietnam Talent Award does not always have the first prize. It marks the growth of NAVIS Centre, as stated by Prof. Gustavo Belforte. "This result showed that, the NAVIS Centre is ready to act as the linking entity between Europe and South East Asia, in the field of GNSS".

Below is the clip from the Ceremony, courtesy of VTV2 Channel (Vietnamese).



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