NAVIS has been recognized by the UN ICG WG meeting
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On 10-14 November 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic, there was the 9th Meeting of the International Committee on GNSS, an organization belongs to the United Nations. In the framework of the Meetting, there were 4 working group sub-meetings. And the Working Group C, "Information Dissemination and Capacity Building", in its Recommendation document clearly stated that:

"... In the last three years, the NAVIS Centre has successfully enlarged its links and activities in South East Asia by conducting joint research activities, participating to governmental committee and organizing workshops, also in cooperation with Multi-GNSS Asia (MGA) and other organizations from South East Asia, Europe, Australia and Japan. Working Group C recognizes the successful setup of the NAVIS Centre and its participation in the MGA initiative..."


"... ICG Working Group C recommends that the Office for Outer Space Affairs in cooperation with the ICG membership, and the educational centres and organizations, such as the NAVIS Centre and GEospatial and Space Technology consortium for Innovative Social Services (GESTISS), and international initiatives, such as MGA and its members, organize workshops and technical seminars in the field of GNSS and its applications in South East Asia region. The participation of BeiDou/GNSS Application Demonstration and Experience Campaign (BADEC) is also encouraged."

This has strongly marked an important international recognition of the NAVIS Centre, especially by a prestigious and important organization like UN-ICG.
Congratulations to the NAVIS team!!!


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