NAVIS Representatives brief the Minister of Science and Technology
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From left to right: Prof. Gustavo Belforte (International Co-director), Prof. Nguyen Quan (Minister of Science and Technology), Dr. Ta Hai Tung (Director) and Dr. La The Vinh (Researcher)

On the morning of Tuesday 22nd January the representatives of the NAVIS Centre paid a visit to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and briefed the Minister Prof. Nguyễn Quân on the successful activities carried on so far as well as on the ongoing ones and those planned for the future.

The presentation has focused on the R&D achievements and ongoing activities such as the operation, in the premises of the NAVIS Centre, of two monitoring stations for the JAXA and the ESA.

Prof. Gustavo was reporting to the Minister

The strong international links of the Centre have been described together with its scientific results in terms of scientific publications, organization of workshops and seminars, participation to conferences that took place in the last year and are foreseen for 2013.

The Minister was impressed with the achievements of NAVIS in the past year and expressed his willingness to support NAVIS in its activities.

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