Research and Technology Transfer

1st Seminar on: Software Receiver Design for Modern Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Time: April 19th 2011 - Location: Room 618, Ta Quang Buu Library
Presenter: Dr. TA Hai Tung
Contents: The seminar is to provide the audience with general ideas of software approach for GNSS receivers. Firstly, fundamentals of GNSS technology are discussed. After that, the presentation continues with the updated information of modern GNSS systems such as GPS III, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou. Then, overview of the software receiver approach in comparison with ASIC hardware receivers is provided. Some advanced processing techniques which are suitable with modern GNSS signals are also presented to help the audience updated with some recent research in the field. Finally, the presentation is completed with some information about current software GNSS receivers already developed around the world.

The presentation in Vietnamese can be downloaded here.

2nd Seminar on: Precise Positioning and Open Source Tool GLAB

Time: May 6th, 2011 - Location: Room 618, Ta Quang Buu Library
Presenter: Eng. Dao Vu Hiep
Contents: The seminar represented the precise positioning technique using carrier phase and introduced the open source tool GLAB. The following are main points:

  • Introduction to the Precise Positioning using Carrier phase and some challenges;
  • Measurement error correction techniques;
  • Carrier phase ambiguity resolution techniques;
  • Open Source Tool GLAB and Applications.
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