GNSS related activities to be carried on in Naviscould be mainly grouped in five clusters:

  • Awarenes: One important duty of Navis is to act as focus point to keep all the relevant stakeholders fully aware of what is going on in the world of GNSS and related applications.
  • Education: For what concerns education, Navis will mainly operate at higher education level. The Centre will provide support to HUST in providing courses and curricula in the field of GNSS as well as training opportunities at PhD level. Navis is open to cooperate with any Vietnamese university which is offering or willing to offer education in the GNSS field.
  • Training: The training activity is part of the support to the private sector that is indeed one of the goals of Navis. For Navis, training is, in fact, devoted to industries and companies and it is of paramount importance to create the suitable manpower to be employed in the navigation field.
  • Research/Technology transfer and support to the private sector: Research activities are the bone of the activities carried on by Navis as long as it has to become a real reference point at regional level. In fact in order to be recognized as a focus of excellence, the Centre should reach and maintain good research standards recognized at international level. It is important that not only the Vietnamese researchers go to work abroad in advanced research centres operating in the GNSS field, but it is also important that foreign researchers come and visit Navis to bring new blood to its activities. The research activity of Navis is considered not only from an academic perspective, but also clearly oriented to technology transfer for the benefit of the local and regional productive sector.
  • Support to public bodies: The core of the activity is related to the possibility that Navis becomes a consultant for public bodies and Ministries for those matters that are related to GNSSs and their applications (regulations, standards, etc.). Here it is important to note that such activity should not be considered only oriented toward the Vietnamese authorities. Since Navis should address the whole South East Asia also authorities of other countries could, at least in the long run, become interlocutors of the Centre. Moreover, since the collaboration of the Centre should involve Europe that has promoted its setup, it is important to work also to ensure that Navis becomes a contact point between South East Asian and European governmental institutions on GNSS related matters.
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