Greatest discoveries of mankind sometimes started from trying to find answers to some simple questions. All the great inventors and scientists asked questions. Issac Newton was puzzled about the falling apples, Albert Einstein wondered about what would happen when travelling with the speed of light. From the fundamental questions, history has witnessed tremendous breakthrough.

We understand that asking questions is no doubt an important part in the process of innovation and developing ideas. Therefore, we can help you by trying our best to answering your questions. If your team has some doubts while working on your ideas, don’t hesitate to use our system to ask us questions. Our staff at NAVIS Centre will come to your aid!

Who can ask questions on this system?

This website as well as the BELS Prize competition is addressed to competitors from the South East Asia region. In order to confirm your nationality, please kindly provide a scan copy of your team’s ID(s), preferably passport, in the account profile.

Who will answer the questions?

The questions will be attended by the staff of NAVIS Centre - International Collaboration Centre for R&D on Satellite Navigation Technology in South East Asia. NAVIS Centre is an international research institution within the Hanoi University of Science and Technology established with a project co-funded by the European Union and managed with the support of European Supporting Institutions. The research activity is carried on in collaboration with European researchers and European research centres with a strong focus on the South East Asian needs and on the exploitation of the European GNSS technology.

What can I ask about?

You can ask our NAVIS staff all the information regarding the BELS Prize competition, such as general rules, additional information, technical suggestions, etc.

What should I do before asking questions?

The first step would be registering a free support account on our page. Each team should have only one account, with the team leader represents the team. To help us support you the best, please provide some brief description of your team’s idea in the profile. Please keep in mind that it is just a short description to help us understand what your team’s goal, not the full and official submission.

After that, you can use our support system by choosing “Ask a question” on your profile page, and start asking us!

Who can see my questions?

Your questions and profile data (including your idea description) will be kept private, and only visible to our staff that will help answering your questions.